Free Hosting

The Lord has burdened our hearts to do everything we can to get your ministry online TODAY! You MUST me an Independent Fundamental Baptist Ministry!

    We do NOT charge for anything we do, we are a faith based ministry, the Lord supports our work through donations and love offerings.

    If you don't know where to start, call me (214) 257-0229 or email me. I will help you out no matter where you are hosting. I have created a help guide (see the online-churches tab) to help you out (I plan to update it – but it can still answer many of the questions you might have.).

If you already know what you want you can fill out the free hosting request form, call me, or EMAIL me.

About our Free Hosting

 We offer hosting on shared servers in professional datacenters. Our preferred platform is WordPress – which is managed for you.

     You have complete freedom to design and build your website, add/delete themes etc.

     There is no limit on pages, bandwidth or disk space (unless it starts to adversely impact service).

     Unless you ask me not to, I upgrade all your plugins and WordPress and make and store full WordPress monthly backups of your website (offsite). Weekly Database backups are made and stored offsite.

     I install advanced security software to block hacking attempts. I also am a member of a service that notifies me of serious security issues in releases of WordPress and plugins and usually can get all the installations upgraded in an 8 hour period (or less) once I get notified.

     I maintain an email list, and if a major issue comes out I will also at times send an email out to all WordPress website contacts so they can go in and do the updates themselves to ensure their software is updated before a software vulnerability is exploited.

     Since we can never guarantee everything is 100% bulletproof no matter how hard we try – your website is also backed up on the server, so, unless something else goes seriously wrong, I can usually restore a hacked site from the server, or offsite backups in a relatively short time.

     You can explore the options that are available on the pull down menus, as well as read news feeds from some of these software options we offer.